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Thundersnow!  "Isolated snow-producing thunderstorms are expected to develop tonight. "It is not uncommon to see snowfall rates in excess of 4 inches per hour in thundersnow, making travel nearly impossible," the weather service warned this morning."

The weather prognosticators have all sold their houses, gathered up the children, and are running down the street screaming, "The End Is Nigh!"  Everyone else is shrugging and getting on with their lives.  I'm curious to see what this will be like - I was out of town the last time we had a snowstorm this bad, ten years ago.  I'm also very curious to see the snowplows that they will be attaching to the fronts of the trains (no kidding!) 

To my chagrin, I had to go to the grocery store last night, since I'd been lazy over the weekend before snowpocalypse was predicted.  Despite reports from friends about chaos and anarchy at their local grocery stores, mine was thankfully quiet.  Granted, it was clear that the ravening hordes had descended earlier in the evening.  Fruit and veg (at least the common sorts) were pretty well picked over, although I was able to load up on some nice kale, mustard greens, eggplant, and whole pineapple.  Bottled water was all gone (natch), as was ground hamburger meat.  Bread flour was completely gone, although they still had plenty of all-purpose. (Weird.  Maybe they just ran out for non-blizzard reasons?)  And every brand of flavored greek yogurt was completely gone.  (???)

I've heard snowpocalypse, snowmageddon, blizzaster, but my favorite so far is snOMG. 


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